Science confirms the healing power of cats

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 00:14
Cats are amazing creatures, and humanity has loved them since time immemorial. In Cyprus, the oldest remains of a young, wild cat buried with man were found. These remains are about 9,500 years old. In ancient Egypt, cats were very loved, respected and even worshiped. The Egyptian goddess of war and protection, Bastet, is a woman with a cat's head. Outside Egypt, cats have always been treated with great respect almost everywhere in the world and in many different cultures. Chinese farmers worshiped Li-Shou, a Chinese cat god who protected their crops from pests. Staying in the sphere of influence of Slavic culture, it is believed that the cat god named Ovinnik chases evil spirits, and therefore can protect us from them.

The healing power of cats!

The belief that cats can help us and have beneficial effects on us has accompanied mankind for a very long time, but only in recent years a large amount of scientific research has been carried out, which proved the amazing skills of cats, as well as their ability to literally heal people. However, some of the cat's skills have not yet been scientifically explained. These animals are capable of incredible and incomprehensible feats. There were cases of lost cats that found their own home after traveling several hundred or even several thousand kilometers. No dog has ever done anything similar! There are also known and well documented cases of lost cats who, as if miraculously, found their own home after a few or even several years. Some probably read this text with surprise and wonder how long - in that case - these animals live. Well, it turns out that cats can live up to 37 years!

The senses used by a cat in some circumstances are not entirely known to us. How would we understand senses that we do not have? It's like someone who has no sense of taste, would like to experience the taste of dishes and understand how a person with an efficient sense of taste distinguishes sugar from salt. Science speculates that cats feel many, many things that a human being has no idea about. The spectrum of frequencies received by humans is much narrower than the range from which some animals, especially cats, can receive information. For example, a cat not only senses exactly where water veins flow, but effectively neutralizes their negative impact on humans.

As a curiosity related to the cat's senses, it is worth adding that for many centuries cats were attributed the ability to sense and scare guests from the beyond.

Based on the results of research carried out by Professor Atsuko Saito from the University of Tokyo, it can be safely said that cats accurately recognize the voice of their owner. This is amazing, especially since until recently it was claimed that only a dog can do it.

Healing power of cats

The results of 10 years of research conducted by scientists from Minnesota University clearly show that cats effectively reduce the stress level of their owners, which in turn translates directly into the condition of the human circulatory system, reducing the risk of serious cardiovascular incidents with a heart attack at the forefront. The study was conducted on 4435 individuals in the age range of 30 to 75 years.

Studies have also been carried out into the effects of having a dog or cat on a person. In examples of this type of research conducted by Dr. June McNicholas has been proven by the fact that having a cat or dog translates into a lower level of stress for the pet's owner. Most interestingly, however, the lowest level of stress was recorded in cat owners, and dog owners had a slightly higher level of stress. The most stressed people turned out to be those who have neither a cat nor a dog!

What about cat purring? As you know, not only domestic cats can purr. It is the effect of specific work of the larynx muscles and the abdominal diaphragm in felids. Although the sound of the purring of a domestic cat sounds most familiar to most of us, most of the feline varieties can purr nicely, more or less like our pet. We generally associate the purring of a cat with the satisfaction of a pet from a caress or its well-being. However, the results of numerous scientific studies carried out in this direction clearly show that cat purring is not only showing joy and satisfaction with petting! It can be a kind of payment for taking care of our pet!

Scientists are convinced that felines are supposed to improve the condition of tissues that have the right to be weakened as a result of long moments spent by these animals on sleeping, relaxing and lazing. Domestic cats, as is well known, can sleep up to 20 hours a day, and the effects of this lifestyle could theoretically be similar to those experienced by astronauts after long stays in space, where, due to less feeling of gravity, muscles and bones are not forced to increased effort. As a result of expeditions into orbit, astronauts are at risk of muscle atrophy as well as osteoporosis. However, unlike astronauts, despite the fact that cats spend most of their lives completely motionless, they have incredibly healthy bones and muscles, and this is probably due to the purring that beneficially accelerates the regeneration of almost the whole body and to which astronauts are unfortunately not capable. Despite the fact that these animals do not exercise, but sleep the whole day, the cat's body is very flexible, soft, agile. Curious about these facts, the researchers also noticed that cats recover very quickly from any bone and muscle injuries they may experience, much faster and more efficiently than dogs or other mammals. The results of all scientific research carried out in this direction give a lot to think about and are a kind of confirmation of the fact that the cat has nine lives, and all thanks to the fact that it can purr!

Approaching the issue of purring a bit more scientifically, cats can make specific sounds in the frequency range from 22 to 150 Hz. Mostly, however, the frequency of purring a domestic cat is exactly 26 hertz. This corresponds to the value used by scientists in vibration therapy, aimed at accelerating tissue regeneration. As it turns out, the test results clearly confirm that some low sound frequencies promote rapid regeneration and strengthening of not only bone, but also muscle tissue. How exactly does this vibration therapy work? Well, when the body is regularly subjected to intense endurance and strength training, bones and muscles become stronger over time. Vibration therapy brings very similar effects using low-frequency sound vibration.

The purring of a domestic cat is an invaluable remedy:

  • lowers blood pressure;

  • reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, including the risk of heart attack by up to 40%;

  • accelerates the treatment of systemic infections and various types of edema;

  • improves the general condition of the skeletal system and increases bone density;

  • accelerates the healing of wounds, fractures, cracks;

  • relieves pain;

  • accelerates muscle growth and regeneration;

  • accelerates tendon regeneration;

  • improves the range of joint mobility

A cat is the best medicine, and without any unpleasant side effects! Take care of your cat and make him purr as much as possible, and you will enjoy not only the happiness of your own pet, but also great health and well-being!