Do you drink a glass of wine every day? Here's what could happen!

Sun, 12/29/2019 - 18:54
Red wine loves many of us. But what happens if we drink one glass for dinner or in the evening every day?

A glass of wine everyday

Experts have long watched carefully both the benefits and the negative effects of drinking small amounts of alcohol on a daily basis, especially red wine. Some scientific studies show that regular drinking of small amounts of alcohol promotes health, while others confirm that even negligible amounts of ethanol damage our body and mind.

Red wine is a very specific drink that has been devoted to many meticulous and time-consuming studies. What will happen to your body and mind if you reach for a small amount of red wine every day?

This is one of those classic and not entirely unraveled issues in the style of "maybe helps and maybe harms" that public health specialists have been struggling with for decades.

Abstainers live shorter

Statistics confirm that abstainers generally live shorter and get sick more often than those who drink alcohol in moderation ( source 1 ). Basically, although it has long been supposed that small doses of alcohol can positively affect our health, doctors strongly advise against treating this substance as a medicine. If you don't drink alcohol, you probably shouldn't start doing it.

A glass of wine everyday

However, experts now confirm that if you drink a glass of wine a day, although it is associated with the risk of developing certain diseases, you can benefit from numerous health benefits ( source 2 ).

However, as with everything, wine must not be overdoed!

A glass of wine a day - Impact on intestinal health

A study conducted in 2019, the results of which were published in the journal Gastroenterology ( source 3 ), showed that people who drink red wine regularly can have a greater variety of bacteria in their intestines, compared to people who don't drink red wine. In the case of white wine or other alcoholic beverages, scientists do not confirm this effect. It is believed that more diverse intestinal bacteria can support digestive processes, the functioning of the immune system and maintain a healthy body weight.

Is wine healthly? Everyday?

Adverse - undifferentiated - composition of the intestinal microbiota is associated with overweight, obesity and disease susceptibility. Research clearly confirms that people who regularly drink small amounts of red wine are exposed to obesity and cardiovascular disease than others.

A glass of wine a day - Impact on heart health

Scientists are increasingly demonstrating that the synergistic effects of ethanol and polyphenols in red wine can provide effective protection against chronic cardiovascular disease. The polyphenols contained in red wine can be divided into 2 important groups: flavonoids and non-flavonoids. They can reduce platelet aggregation - reducing its clotting, improving fibrinolysis, and increasing the level of HDL cholesterol that is beneficial to health ( source 4 ).

However, moderation is the key! Chronic and excessive alcohol consumption is associated with cardiac weakness, medically known as alcoholic cardiomyopathy.

A glass of wine a day - Bone effect

Science confirms that alcohol abuse can increase the risk of developing osteoporosis (thinning and weakening of bone tissue).

Is wine healthly? A glass of wine everyday

Studies also show that menopausal women who reach for one drink a day have healthier bones than abstinents in a similar situation ( source 5 ). It turns out that drinking in moderation alcohol can improve the absorption of calcium in the stomach, which over time has a positive effect on bone density.

A glass of wine a day - Impact on the brain

It's true that with age our brains function worse and worse. Unfortunately, we are not able to prevent this at the moment, but moderate alcohol consumption, for example by drinking one glass of wine in the evening, may contribute to a slower rate of cognitive decline.

The analysis, which was attended by almost 1,500 people, published in 2014 in the journal Clinical Nutrition, showed that people aged 65 or older who reached for wine in moderation had a larger total brain volume than people at a similar age not drinking alcohol or preferring other types of alcoholic beverages, e.g. beer ( source 6 ) .

Glass of wine a day - Impact on sleep

Most of us can be convinced of the beneficial effects of a night glass of wine on the quality of sleep. However, it turns out that drinking alcohol before sleeping can contribute to an adverse change in sleep patterns.

The so-called delta brain condition is a deep sleep that streamlines memory and learning processes. Alcohol causes the brain to regularly switch to alpha activity during sleep. Almost simultaneous alpha and brain delta activity while sleeping can interfere with normal, restorative sleep.


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