Rice waffles could cause cancer and other diseases

Sat, 11/30/2019 - 17:10
When we eat in a way aimed at getting rid of unnecessary fat, or maintaining a slim figure, then very often we reach for popular rice wafers. There are various variants of this product available in stores and it seems that it is a conscious and quite healthy choice. But are you sure?

Czy wafle ryżowe są zdrowe?

It turns out that rice wafers, although often used in low calorie diets, are a highly processed product and very harmful to health, mainly because they usually contain very dangerous concentrations of toxic arsenic. The Swedish Food Institute has conducted research on some rice food products. They showed that most of them contain very dangerous for health concentrations of the aforementioned element.

Poisonous arsenic in food

Arsenic is a chemical element that belongs to the group of nitrides. It occurs naturally in the earth's crust and, in combination with other elements, forms over 200 minerals.

The problem of the presence of arsenic in food has been raised by scientists for several pretty decades! Among other things, it is the result of human industrial activity. Arsenic also goes to the natural environment, among others, as a result of burning brown and hard coal, fertilizing the soil with chemical compounds as well as a by-product of the metallurgy and metallurgy industries.

Arsenic easily penetrates into groundwater, and with it goes to food products, in particular to rice, as a result of which it is also present in its preparations. Why rice? Well, the largest producer of this grain are not only China, but also other countries of Southeast Asia. It just so happens that China is also responsible for 50 percent of world arsenic production! In Bangladesh, near China, arsenic pollution is so great that poisoning with this element is massive! No wonder then that rice crops contain huge amounts of this element.

Scientists have shown that - set by the World Health Organization - acceptable levels of arsenic in food products are too high. A huge amount of food literally stuffed with arsenic is on store shelves. We buy these products and regularly consume them unaware of the threat! Researchers from the Institute for Global Food Security showed that as much as 58% of rice foods in the UK contain too much arsenic.

Fatal consequences of consuming arsenic

Arsenic is not harmful if consumed sporadically and in small quantities. However, if we eat it often, then even small doses can pose a serious threat to our health. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning are visible even after several years, in the form of skin, liver, kidney or lung cancers. Small children are most at risk from this element.

It turns out that food products intended for children contain the highest concentrations of this poison.

Acute poisoning with arsenic compounds is rare, but there is a risk of chronic intoxication associated with long-term exposure to this element. Among other health hazards associated with increased absorption of arsenic by the human body, increased blood pressure, development of coronary artery disease, diabetes, skin lesions, and in the case of inhalation poisoning damage to the nervous and respiratory systems ( source 1 ). Arsenic negatively affects - among others - the immune, digestive, respiratory, neurological and reproductive systems!

Is it worth reducing rice consumption?

According to the Consumer Reports Research Organization, adults should not eat more than 3 servings of rice per week, or food derived from rice ( source 2 ). Young children should consume much smaller amounts of rice and products containing it. EFSA reports that children are up to three times more sensitive than adults to the effects of arsenic in food . The Committee on Nutrition of the European Society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition in Pediatrics (ESPGHAN) recommends that consumption of arsenic-containing products during infancy and childhood should be as limited as possible.

For your own good, you should give up eating rice wafers. If you care for a slim figure, a healthier alternative to white bread is buckwheat, sourdough rye bread, or baked goods made of only grains. Instead of rice wafers, reach for raw vegetables cut into sticks, such as cucumber, carrot, kohlrabi. Let nature be on your plate more often than highly processed food!


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